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Welcome to my website, I am a bestselling author of the No.1 Kindle topper Chantilly Dawns, and a freelance horseracing journalist, broadcaster (TV & radio) and researcher, based in Kildare. I am current editor of RACING CERTAINTY and also write features for THE IRISH FIELD, EBN, EUROPEAN TRAINER, INTERNATIONAL THOROUGHBRED and OWNER & BREEDER, and I am the European correspondent for Australian magazine RACETRACK and Hong Kong monthly BLACK TYPE. I also contribute to THE IRISH RACING YEARBOOK and have contributed to my favourite, PARIS-TURF.

I have been nominated for the prestigious Clive Graham Writer of the Year Trophy at The Derby Awards every year since 2008 and in 2010 secured a Special Commendation. I have twice been a finalist, losing to Alastair Down in 2012 and Chris McGrath in 2013.


I am the author of four novels, the first of which is the award-nominated fictionalised fact-based biography of Roman Emperor, NERO  THE LAST CAESAR. Far from fiddling while Rome burned, Nero was a humanitarian who died all too young, unable to cope with the power thrust upon him at the tender age of sixteen. For racing fans, GALA DAY is a Silver Dagger-nominated thriller set in Newmarket. Jockey Pete Allen is desperate to return to the heady heights of his successful apprentice days, but his decidedly dodgy reputation threatens to destroy his career just when success beckons once more. CHANTILLY DAWNS is a psychological rites of passage for central character Marcel Dessaint, a French jockey whose world abruptly falls apart. As the title suggests, the Amazon Bestseller and Kindle No.1 CHANTILLY DAWNS is a drama set in the famous racing town north of Paris.

SAINTE BASTIEN is my most recent novel and is available from the same publisher following a wonderful 'living' launch at the Newmarket stables of trainer Ilka Gansera-Leveque. Set in the racing yard of the title, Lambourn trainer Nick Marchant fears he has raised a menacingly amoral son, but does he protect the family name or his members of staff now at risk?

My short stories have been broadcast on radio and included in several anthologies, while my non-fiction reference works include a history of Kilmead and various thoroughbred breeding booklets for the Irish Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association, of which I am a member.

I take an active interest in the promotion of writers and literature and I am currently on the Board of Directors of the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency; Co-Chairperson of the Irish Writers’ Union; a Professional Member and Mentor at the Irish Writers' Centre; and a member of the UK’s Horserace Writers And Photographers’ Association. I am also a registered ETB tutor and have facilitated writing courses for a number of years.


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