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Saeed bin Suroor Profile       pdf (3.78mb)

Adrian Maguire Profile              pdf (28.6mb)

Joanna Morgan Profile    pdf (4.88mb)

Michael Halford Profile        pdf (28.4mb)

Willie Mullins Profile        pdf (5.66mb)

Jim Bolger Profile pdf (5.85mb)

Alain Lequeux Remembered       pdf (144kb)

Sea The Stars Feature    pdf (2.95mb)

Yeats Feature                     pdf (5.59mb)

Anilin Feature                      pdf (4.95mb)


I have the pleasure of visiting some wonderful stud farms, racing stables and industry seminars through the course of my work and have met some remarkable people.

Never a racemeeting passes without meeting new faces and hearing interesting stories.

The articles available here to sample are an example of the people I have met and their stories to tell.

Still a favourite is trainer Saeed bin Suroor, one of the most remarkable men I have ever met and his words sum up the passion we all feel in this industry for the racehorse. Highly recommended reading for all horse lovers!


Alternatively, to find out far more about me than you’ll ever need to know, why not read my own interview in Track To Track magazine!

Lissa Oliver Profile                          pdf (3mb)

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